You are definitely a very Lucky and Fortunate Person, because you were in the Right Place at the Right Time, to discover this Official I.A.M. Website. The I.A.M. is the International Association of Millionaires — founded in 1987.

Plus, if you've received a Million Dollar Bill with a custom message printed on the back, this is your Personal Invitation to learn about Valuable Products, Services or a Business Opportunity that just might be what you've been looking for.

The person or company who gave you this special "Million Dollar Bill" thinks you deserve this chance to have a much Better, Happier and more Successful Life. Your I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill can actually help you do this by simply improving your "State of Mind" about having lots more money, wealth and prosperity.

In addition, many successful people claim the I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill has helped them to achieve Financial Freedom.

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Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills

The Million Dollar Bill you may have could be one of the "Reissue Series" of the Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills created in 1988 by the American Bank Note Company with currency grade standards.

These Bills were created as a Limited Edition Collectible and all 825,000 Bills in the entire edition have been sold. Millionaire Marketing does have access to some supplies of these Bills in new condition, but they are extremely scarce now.

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I.A.M. "Millionaire Business Cards"

The "Millionaire Business Card" is a Custom Imprinted I.A.M. Million Dollar Bill (the same size as real U.S. money) with YOUR web site or marketing message on the back that has been used by Successful Network Marketers & Direct Salespeople since 2002 to help them:
  • Effectively expand their "warm market"
  • Generate their own Fresh, Exclusive Pre-Qualified Leads of the Highest Quality
  • Promote their business opportunity
  • Recruit new team members and easily create real duplication with residual income.

It does this by solving the 3 Biggest Barriers to Success in Network Marketing, and it is so affordable, simple and fun to use that now anyone can Achieve More Success Faster.

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That is Proven to:

Grab Attention, Attract Interest,
Build Desire and Create Action Now!

I.A.M. Limited Edition Uncut Sheet

This Rare Art Collectible is "A Unique Investment in Financial Art" printed by the American Bank Note Company in 1988 as a Strictly Limited Edition of only 700 Signed and Numbered Uncut Sheets of the Original Authentic I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills.

Starting at only $200 each in 1990, successful international marketing has caused appreciation through twelve Price/Value increases to currently sell at $8,500 each (unframed) with less than 10 Sheets remaining available for acquisition.

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I.A.M. Membership Program

The I.A.M. Membership Program was officially started on April 20, 2007, which also began the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the I.A.M. The Official Online Launch of the I.A.M. Membership Program is now being developed.
The I.A.M. is described as a "Global Force for Financial Freedom" whose purpose is to help you change your "State of Mind" so you can Have Lots More Money, Enjoy More Financial Freedom and Live a Happier Life.

Membership is open to any and all people in any country from around the world. You are invited to join the I.A.M. for FREE as an Honorary I.A.M. Member.
For More Information and to reserve your Free I.A.M. Membership prior to the Official Online Launch please visit I.A.M. Membership Program

Tari Steward - Founder of the IAM,
with his Million Dollar Bills

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